Sex Crimes

If you are accused and charged with a sex crime in Colorado, your life may change completely. The accusation alone can ruin your reputation, while convictions may haunt you for the rest of your life. You may be tempted to think that, if you did nothing wrong, the truth will come out, and you may want to cooperate with the police to explain what really happened. However, any statements can be twisted and used against you. People accused of these offenses should contact a Durango sex crimes attorney with experience in crimes of a sensitive nature. The law firm of Greenberg, McGuinness & Alt has extensive experience serving clients in La Plata County, Archuleta County, Montezuma County, and the Southern Ute Tribal Court jurisdiction.

Colorado Sex Crimes Carry Severe Penalties

Sex crimes include felonies such as sexual assault, incest, and Internet sexual exploitation of a child. They also include unlawful sexual contact and indecent exposure, which are class 1 misdemeanors, so long as they are not committed with intimidation, threats, or force.

There is indeterminate sentencing for those defendants who are convicted of certain sex crimes. This means that if you are viewed as a threat to society or as someone who cannot be rehabilitated, you may have to stay in prison for a long period, up to the rest of your life. Alternatively, you may be required to stay in lifetime probation, which will require you to receive sex offender treatment and go to sex offender classes.

Colorado standardizes the requirements of sex offender treatment with the Sex Offender Management Board Standards and Guidelines. There are very serious consequences listed in these guidelines. For example, certain convicted sex offenders are not permitted contact with children below the age of 18 unless approved by a treatment team. This prohibition on contact includes a sex offender’s own children. If you fail to complete the major requirements imposed by the Guidelines, your probation can be revoked.

Another serious consequence of a sex crimes conviction is that you may have to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. This means you will have to notify the local police department of your sex crime. This information will be publicly available. Your coworkers, family, and friends will be able to see your name on the registration list. If you ignore an order to register as a sex offender, you will face a separate charge for failing to register.

In the event that a judge sentences you to prison for a Class 4 serious felony, you may receive a life sentence. The Colorado Parole Board has discretion over whether a person sentenced to life is ever released. In practice, few individuals sentenced to life are released early.

Entrust Your Case to a Dependable Sex Crimes Attorney in Durango

As you can see, being convicted of sex crimes in Colorado can have devastating consequences. However, the consequences outlined above are not inevitable. If you are accused of a sexual offense, you should consult with an attorney who is well versed and experienced in these types of charges. Our criminal defense lawyers at Greenberg, McGuinness & Alt can build a vigorous defense based on the facts of your case. We represent clients in Durango, Pagosa Springs, Cortez, and Ignacio. Contact our attorneys at (970) 259-4422 or via our online form to see if we can help you.

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